Reply To: Eric’s why

Erin Melnychuk

Personal storage of energy is a really compelling WHY. I bet anyone in the Ottawa/Quebec region this week can 100% agree! As climate catastrophes pick up steam, there will be a stronger motivation by individuals to support personal energy storage. An emotional connection to this WHY is what will make investors and consumers have a magnetic attraction. Your personal story to your own connection is just one small example of this in action. I’ve often thought that the way to bypass the inertia of governments and big corporations is to appeal to individual consumers directly. We have an urgency we need to accept. Governments and large corporations will only be motivated when the economics make sense. If it costs too much or they stand to lose too much profit, they aren’t going to budge. But individuals are impacted all the time by climate crises. They are far more motivated. Appeal to them directly.

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