Reply To: Jeremy’s Intro

Erin Melnychuk

Hi Jeremy,

I think it’s wonderful that you are starting this venture as more of a side hustle, while you’re still working. It’s really smart. That approach is going to set you up for success. You’re nervous about making it past your first year… imagine if it also had to pay a full time salary to both you and your wife in year 1. That would exponentially increase the chances of failure. Because you’re doing this on the side, the major goals are to increase your reach and cover your costs. That feels achievable in your first year.

I think your questions are all interrelated, which is good too. I’ll do my best to respond under each of your questions.

1. How do you grow your business so it attracts those outside your circle.
Social media, especially instagram and facebook, are going to be great tools in expanding your reach. You can encourage those already following you to share with others. You can run contests, which add new followers. You can also use paid ads to zero in on your market. I’d also encourage you to link your shopify store directly to your social platforms, so people can shop directly while you have their attention.
2. How do I ensure that I am giving those supporting me the best product for their value.
Engagement is key here. Get creative on soliciting input and suggestions from your audiences on what they’d like to see.
3. How do I use social media to exploit my business.
All of the above! Your business is going to grow through social media.


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