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Judy Evans


A simple form for tracking costs of materials and time to produce an item can simply be a Word or Excel table with Product and date at the top, then a table with 4 columns – item, volume, description, price. For wood and stain, it would look like this:

cedar wood, 5 5/8″ planks x 8′ length, price of wood
stain, 1/4 litre, price of stain

Create a binder, file folder or computer folder to keep track of these sheets

The reason you want to date the top of each sheet, is the fact that prices change and you could even have extra columns on the right for a year 1, year 2, year 3 etc. so that you don’t need to create a new sheet when prices change, you simply insert the current pricing.

Wordpress is not good at visuals. Darn it.


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