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Laura Svab

Hey Anthony,

I love the name as an ACDC fan; clever pun. 😀 Just to add to the conversation though, I can see a few issues that could arise with the name:

1. The name has several implications, which could be considered confusing or potentially inappropriate. When someone searched for services your are providing online, they may look past your site if they consider it unprofessional. It is a possibility. I think of it as if I were the owner of a ship looking online for a professional service to provide a service on my very expensive vessel, without knowing contacts, what would I be looking for. That being said, I imagine your cliental would get it, and enjoy the humor. Clients could potentially be drawn to the name as well because it is unique. It’s a gamble in a way I guess…
2. Is there a copyright issue with the band itself and that name? Just something to think about… Maybe you could play with the name and call it “Diving Deeds- All your Marine Diving Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” or something like that…
3. If the only service your company is offering is to clean vessels, than I see how it works, but if you are offering other services such as boat repairs, urchin diving or other diving services, I don’t see an obvious connection to the name, but maybe I am missing it, very possible??

Like you said, you know the companies in your region who you would be working for so you know the cliental, but if you were looking to expand into other regions or provinces, the name may not be entirely obvious when they (potential clients) are searching online for diving service providers.

Just some food for thought, but I am super excited for you to have your first clients and to see the awesome progress you are making with your business!

Keep up the great work buddy!


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