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Anthony Bullen

Thanks for the reply I am doing up a quote for my first customer(a yacht club) to upright, clean and move 26 2500lbs moorings as we speak! Things are getting real. I will email you both some dates soon. I think this is better done before the presentation.

As for the answers to your questions. I have though about how my customers will feel about the name for quite some time, even reconsidered naming it that and ultimately decided that if they are uptight enough that they don’t like it I don’t really want to do any work for them…lol. As for visuals, by design right now I am only going to do a business card and probably a truck decal. I mostly know who my customers are. Any small side jobs can be picked up via word of mouth or business cards at the marina. The biggest worry for the name is when I get bigger receiving odd phone calls! We can talk more about the logo and visuals when we zoom.

I really want to incorporate but don’t think I will be over the 50k mark in the first year unless I kill it urchin diving this year. I wish we had something like in the states where you can be an LLC. I like the idea of rolling as much as I can back into the business and not having it affect my personal income.

I’m going to have to hire on someone else for some jobs. It seems like quite a pain to submit that pay paperwork but my business will not grow if I try and do it all myself. I have seen this first hand.

I will get back to you in a couple days with an email of available times.


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