Reply To: Discovery-Yoga

Erin Melnychuk


You’ll hear me often reference the ‘experience economy’ in several posts. We live in a time now, when that’s what customers want to purchase. You are correct in thinking that if you can nail the right experience for your target audience, you will develop loyal customers, who will go on to promote your business to their network too. The experience economy requires more than providing a good service. A helpful reframe might be, if I considered my price to be ‘admission’ and my service to be the ‘entertainment’, how might I be required to show up differently? How would I be required to create something memorable?

Of course, what you’re offering is so much deeper than entertainment. Your offering a path to overall wellbeing, which isn’t a show. But the metaphor is useful in pushing us to consider the how we want to engage all of the senses of our customers to create something truly memorable.


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