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Erin Melnychuk

Wow Pete… thank you so much for really reflecting on your inward journey. This is incredibly valuable learning to share with the group.

It’s so true, that we can’t always understand why something is happening when we’re in the thick of it. Only in hindsight can we recognize that everything happens for a reason. It’s through hardship like this that you gain clarity (couldn’t it be easier somehow???). But you are laser focused and motivated now, which will ultimately be the reason for your success.

It will be critical for you to find the right support networks, both personally and professionally. You can’t possibly do everything on your own. It’s isolating and exhausting. You’ve got 3 little ones who need you too. Tell me, how do you balance the whole picture of your life? Where do you find time for you? Who can you lean on?

Because you’re already operating, your business model you are developing through this is your next version of your business. The model you design will be designed to accomplish your next goals. You might be at a stage where you need to consider how to bring others into the business, so you can focus on the right things, while letting others do the work which is time consuming and preventing you from leading the business. Did you create a job for yourself or are you building a business? They are two different mindsets and approaches.


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