Reply To: WHY Seaweed?!~ Laura Svab

Anthony Bullen


This is amazing and could have a huge impact on the world. What are the three specific types of seaweed you would look at harvesting? Newfoundland has in the past given huge grants for aquaculture. This in my eyes would be an easy sell to the provincial government here and would create tons of jobs. The rural area I am from has been doing more and more aquaculture in the form of salmon farming. They have seen first hand the impact of unsustainable harvesting practices and are changing from traditional fishing practices. Lobster is a huge market where I am from they have changed their practices in harvesting by marking and releasing spawning females. The mark lasts for years so that even if they are caught again they will be re-released. There are now so many lobsters that I find them in open terrain with shell scrape style defences dug to protect themselves. Normally they hide in Kelp or under rocks. All this to say that the fisherman are becoming stewards of their fishing ground and now believe in taking care of habitat to the point that they will shun fishermen who do not follow sustainable practices. I think kelp farming would be welcomed where I am from and the fishermen would support it. See how this course goes but if you are interested in coming to Newfoundland we can set something up and I can be your local guide if you want.

You almost have me convinced to scrap my plans and start a kelp farm…lol. A weed you can get grants to grow that you don’t even have to water and it changes the effects of global warming! I look forward to learning more about this venture as the course progresses.

Keep up the strong work!


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