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Jennifer Ainley

Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m happy to say I plan on starting this venture in NB. I have personal reasons that have driven me to start this new chapter and can say that yoga combined with nature saved my life. I have experienced how this practice can help individuals suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety can benefit from mindfulness.

My goal is working towards purchasing an acreage that will offer an indoor practice along with space to bring the practice to the great outdoors while incorporating gardening, forging, bee keeping, outdoor activities like snowshoeing, paddel boarding, fishing ect. I would also like to incorporate classes that welcome service pets to engage in the practice as I have a services dog that accompanies me.

I really like your idea of ventureing too different natural setting. This could be very enticing to potential clients especially all the beautiful hidden waterfalls NB offers.

Looking forward to the big picture I’ll be offering retreats with the option to stay in bunkies, cottage or yurts. While collaborating with nutritionist, massage therapist ect to offer the complete wellness package.

I started with the idea of serving just veterans and quickly realized many individuals are suffering with mental health and are desperately seeking a therapy that will help them find their true self and help realize they are not alone. This will offer an environment to surround yourself with like-minded people to help heal and grow.

I’ll inquire into the funding and grants. I really appreciate your input so please keep it coming.

Thank you for your wonderful input and suggestions I greatly appreciate them.


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