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Laura Svab

Hi Artur,

Thanks for sharing your WHYS.

As I wrote to you before, I personally have lost two very close friends who were on my tour to suicide and I completely understand the need for more mental health support within our veteran community; especially alternative programs like what you would like to offer. Also, several of my army friends really enjoy carpentry and I think it allows them to channel their energy into something that is both therapeutic and rewarding.

I was thinking that VAC may have funding available to you to run your program for vets in an effort to support mental health, and could possibly provide you with supplies and materials. As I also mentioned, I would recommend checking into the high schools in your area and seeing if any of them have workshops. They would likely be equipped with all the tools you would need, and would only ask that you ensure it is cleaned up as you found it when you are done. I know my high school does and it is common practice to rent/ or lend out these spaces to local groups and organizations in the evening, which is usually overseen by the nighttime custodians. My school for example has a karate group and volleyball league that use the gyms at night, and I believe that one of the teachers runs a woodworking group after school as well. All this to say, being in the Petawawa area I am certain that if the high schools have the facilities, the principal would gladly participate in your program as it is a positive initiative for the community. If it helps to promote mental health in the parents, then it ultimately promotes the mental health and stability of the families in that community. 😀



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