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Erin Melnychuk

Your business concept is complex, which is why it feels overwhelming this early in journey. The business modelling process will help you break down your vision into much smaller parts, making it feel more manageable to figure out how all the parts fit.

One thing I’d recommend for you, is to spend a lot of time in your research. You’ll have a lot of desk research to do, but I would also really urge to think about who are the ‘stakeholders’ associated with a concept like could be. Who has a stake in a concept like this? Go out and talk to them. We call this discovery research. Talk to as many stakeholders as you possibly can, and also ask them, from their perspective, who else you should be talking to. It’s not unheard of to conduct 50 to 100 discovery interviews for complex concepts like this.

The nice thing about working on a canvas to develop the model, is that you can easily incorporate what you are learning in your desk research and discovery interviews in real time.

Can wait to see how your vision evolves!

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