Reply To: Mod 2 Ideate (Ryan)

Ryan Flavelle

As far as discovery interviews go, I have contacted a friend that I am trying to sell on the idea of a garden for her home in Calgary. She asked for a few days to get to it so I am twiddling my thumbs on that. I proposed to build one for her in 30 days for $350 that would support about 16 plants.

I also contacted someone I follow on twitter who built a net zero house regarding his experience with windows in order to try to think about pricing a build.

I guess the other avenue to explore would be to try to contact someone in agriculture formally, like at a University. I could try Olds or Lacombe or Red Deer.

Lastly I wrote a letter to Ferme d’hiver, a strawberry company that I want to partner with, but I haven’t sent it yet. I wanted to edit it very thoroughly before I send it away. They have had a lot of success in Montreal and other parts of Quebec.
any feedback on the letter would be greatly appreciated.