Reply To: Brook Vivian

Brook Vivian

That’s a good point. I’m very similar in that sense. I believe the electronic media is a little bit impersonal at times, yet it’s a great tool to be able to communicate on a larger scale (more efficiently.

My ideal start is with an introduction, if I can leverage the trust one person has in me towards the next person then I’m starting ahead. To get this done effectively I need to be referable and I think in large part, having a website or at minimum a quality landing page would help that out in today’s world.

In the financial services when I reach out to people they almost always assume I’m trying to make a sale – and their previous experiences create high resistance.

I am pretty good at building trust with new contacts – but how can I build it with people I have yet to connect with? I have to go back to character – maybe testimonials, transparency and honesty, clear and quality communications or publications.

Which ways would you do it, or do you do it? Give me a push in a good direction?