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Chris Ayotte

Good morning, Bootcamp.

I have made my way through the module and am at the point of thinking about the presentation. I have a few observations.

– I like the canvas and it remains a living document that I keep going back to after discover interviews or other research. This alone is well worth the investment in time in this bootcamp.
– After working through the cost structures, I realize that my model, if done right, will require minimal start up costs. This is something I will want to discuss in more detail with Judy and Erin.
– I think being someone with a pension gives you a different approach and mindset to being an entrepreneur. I have not given it a lot of thought, but I think it’s an aspect that needs to be explored by each person as to how this can be a positive (reliable cash flow) or a negative (lessen a sense of urgency on generating revenues). Not sure of the exact details for me personally, but a thought I wanted to share.
– One aspect I’m trying to figure out is the need for assistance in marketing. Can I self drive this with LinkenIn, Square Space, and other do-it-yourslef tools or is the investment in professional marketing and branding worthwhile for my business model. Not sure yet.

Finally, it would be great to understand some effective ways to get feedback from the group on our presentations. Not wanting to burden everyone with multiple slide decks, I was planning on a narrative that describes the pitch. This will be easily digested in this forum, but with Erin or Judy have some advice on this, I would appreciate the insight.

That’s it for now.