Reply To: Module 2

Erin Melnychuk

Hi Chris,

Great question! Once you identify the pain point from the customer perspective, the pain reliever is the actually approach by which you’d address that pain point. Consider the pain point the ‘what’ (as in, what the precise problem is) and response the ‘how’ (as in, how you will solve that problem in your service or product design).

I hear you about the level of consideration of your first marketing experiment. My advice here would be to not over think this. This isn’t a full blown marketing strategy for your business. Just a mini experiment to start getting real time feedback, contacts, etc. For example, you might simply put together an image to share on your social platforms and the call to action might just be ‘contact us for more information’. This way, you can begin to populate a contact list with their information and further your discovery conversations. You can gain really important early adopters with a simple campaign. Or, perhaps your social post is designed to gather more likes or followers, so you can begin to develop your audience. What we’re going for with this exercise is to begin baby steps in making your business real and using real life information to begin guiding your decision making. They are become ‘design experiments’. Try something, watch what happens, learn from it, and adjust.

I hope this is helpful! Keep those questions coming 🙂