Reply To: Introduction – Glen Morrison

Erin Melnychuk

Good morning Glen,

It’s so wonderful to learn about you and your business idea.

Judy has done a great job answering your question about a business plan.

I’ll add, that we use business models first, before encouraging entrepreneurs to move on to business plan development, because there are so many variables which go into the business model. We use canvas to sketch out the model, so we can quickly play with the variables, until we land on a model which can work. Once we settle on a business model which we think can work, we can move on to developing it in detail through a business plan. The reason we don’t recommend going to straight to a business plan, is that the documents can be up to 50 pages long, and a very linear process. This means that if you realize one variable needs to change while you’re developing your business plan, it’s not so easy to update the thread all the way through your business plan.

Looking forward to learning more about your business goals as we progress.