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Majaid Web Solutions
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Majaid Web Solutions
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Barry owns and operates Majaid Web Solutions, a professional WordPress development, integration and troubleshooting company.

Are you experiencing problems with WordPress? A broken theme, a conflict between plugins, page layout just not the way you need it, website broken after running updates, seeing the white screen of death, or something just not working properly? Don’t worry, having worked on over 190 WordPress sites, we can fix it. We will get your WordPress website properly running the way you want it. Check out a sampling of some of our expert WordPress solutions and contact us today for help.

I have installed, configured, updated, and managed over 190 WordPress websites
 by balancing multiple projects simultaneously and easily switches between jobs to solve mission critical issues
. Works well under pressure to meet tight deadlines and stays within budget
. I work on a variety of websites ranging from simple one-pager to complex WooCommerce websites conducting millions in sales annually

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