Quest for Nuna Immaluk

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Quest for Nuna Immaluk
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The Inuit fled Earth (Nuna) and have roamed space for over 2000 years. Upon their rediscovery of their ancient home, they discover it has evolved into a very different place during their absence… This is a parable type of story, designed to increase public awareness of the need for our attitudes and behaviors to change. It is a sequel to the first novel entitled, “We are Still Here”

The “Quest” is CJ Beuhler’s second novel; the first titled “We are Still Here,” was published by Thistledown Press in 2005, and is now out of print, although a few second-hand copies are available. “Quest for Nuna Immaluk” is available on Amazon internationally, and the Friesen Press Bookstore website, as well as in many traditional bookstores.

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